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Adopt a Drain

The City of Dayton has an Adopt-a-Drain program, to help preserve the clean water of our communities. Members of The Canal District are encouraged to adopt the drain or two near them.

Please fill out the form here.

What is required?

If you sign up, these are what you agree to do

  • I will do a visual check of my storm drain at least once a week
  • I will clean-up around the storm drain. This may include leaves, debris & litter
  • Check if drain has No Dumping Drains to River medallion
  • I will contact the City of Dayton Water Environmental if I notice a spill or pollution
  • I will reduce pollution (see below)

Ways to reduce pollution

Use lawn chemicals sparingly or not at all.

I will pick up after my pet.

I will tell my others about storm drain pollution to protect rivers and streams.

I will sweep my driveway instead of using a hose.

I will keep leaves out of the storm drain.

I will fix vehicle leaks promptly or capture the leak.

I will wash my car on the grass or go to a car wash (where it discharges to the sanitary system).

I will pick up litter in my neighborhood.